Mar 31, 2010

Asos Cravings

As I've just bought an apartment I don't actually have a lot of money to shop for... but if I did, I'd be purchasing these things from Asos Curve. Asos Curve has a lot of really nice and stylish things, they do great tops and especially dresses, but since my waist is my biggest issue I can't really see myself wearing them. If you're more proportionate, with a smaller waist and bigger chest & hips, then there are some really awesome, girly dresses for you. I also don't like showing my arms, so if I bought this abstract dress I'd wear it with a cropped jacket/a shrug/a cover-up. But hey, that's just me!

I'm also a girl who enjoys casual and easy outfits, so oversized tee's, T-shirt dresses, tunics etc. are my thing. I wear those a lot with jeggings/leggings. I am looking for the right kind of skirt though. One I can wear just under my bust with a tugged-in tee/vest and maybe a cropped jacket. The skirt musn't be too formfitted, as I wan't to look more proportionate and my bum is quite small for my size. So this skirt from Asos is a little "poofy" and unless it's too short, it'd be perfect for that. Plus I love coral.

Click on the pics for more info

As spring and summer are approaching, the season's colours are lighter again. Pastels are hitting it big time, especially peach, ivory, lilac and nude. I can usually wear any colour I like, but for this spring and summer I really love peach and nude. Prints are also a big winner and as I like tees, I think a funky print spices them up. As I am a big Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries geek, I think the "Love at first bite"-tee is awesome! If the collar is that loose, I'd wear a vest/tank top/camisole underneath it though.

This dress is sooo fierce!
But not very spring-like... and I don't think I have the guts (or the figure!) to wear it.

I have also fallen in love with these kind of rucksack's. They are very early 90's, which I adore at the moment. The polka-dotted is £28 and the tan is £70, but real leather. If I were to buy one I'd probably go with the polka-dotted, it's cute and I know it might not be a style I'd be into forever, so going for the cheapest would also be smart.

Tomorrow I'll show you my wish list from Evans! Until then, keep your fingers crossed that money will magically come find me...


  1. Love that first dress and that coral skirt!

  2. I know, right? I want them soo bad...

  3. Skøn side, virkelig god... Keep up the good work...!
    - Lutinlive aka Lea

  4. that skirt is so so cute! love the light material, it looks so happy and flowy!

  5. I know... I have to have it... :)