Mar 20, 2010

Eclipse Sneak Peak

Sorry if some of you guys aren't as excited about Eclipse coming out June 30th as I am. I can hardly wait and when I saw this sneak peak it just got harder. I think Eclipse will be amazing, don't you?

Sorry hvis I ikke er lige så spændte på at Eclipse udkommer den 30. juni, som jeg er. Jeg kan næsten ikke vente og da jeg så denne video blev det bare endnu sværere. Jeg tror at Eclipse bliver fantastisk, gør I ikke?


  1. Oh, I'm excited! I dragged my poor BF to the last one and cannot wait to make him go with me to see this one!!!! :)

  2. Yay! I think this one is gonna rock - there's much more action in it as well, so maybe he'll like it better this time around :) Eclipse was my fave book as well. Have you read the books?