Apr 20, 2010

Beauty Crush

OMG you guys!

For more Soap & Glory head on over to their own webpage here

I just did my daily browse on Asos and fell head over heels for some of their newest beauty products. I don't know about you, but I think these are freaking adorable! They'd look great in my bathroom and they sound like they are awesome. I love the whole retro feel, kind of like Benefit. Have any of you tried Soap & Glory products? I know that these are no strangers to americans, canadians and brits. What are they like? My only concerne is that some of them are vanilla scented. Ever since I played with vanilla scented dolls as a kid (what were their names again? They had muffin trays...) I've had an issue with vanilla scented products. But I love the style and at prices ranging from £4-£15 they are defintely not too expensive.

Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em, Body Scrub £7/$10,80/60DKK
Sexy Mother Pucker Perfect Peach, Lip Plumber £8/$12,30/68DKK

Also this mint chocolate muffin lip balm has to be mine. Shame that the muffin shape is only cardboard!
Cupcake Mint Chocolate Lip Balm, £3/$4,60/25,50DKK

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