May 18, 2010

...and it hurts with every heart beat...

My heart stopped when I saw these items on various blogs today.
I need them NOW! They'd be outstanding as single pieces, but they'd also make a killer outfit together!!!

Fringe Top: SimplyBe, £28
Skirt: Faith21, $13,80
Stud Collar Jacket: SimplyBe, £55
Besides being broke, I have some problems ordering these items:
- SimplyBe doesn't seem to ship to Denmark, at least they won't accept my phone no. and I can't create an account and therefor I can't order from them.
- Faith21 ships from the US. I'm not sure if they do ship to Denmark, but even if they did, I'd be afraid that my item(s) would be snatched in customs, where I'd have to pay huge taxes (anything from outside the EU is in risk of this).
The lovely Christina from Musings of a fatshionista has offered to buy the skirt for me and send it. It would probably be both cheaper and less in risk of going to customs, as it would be send from a private person, not a company.

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