May 4, 2010

Another concert / OOTD #4

Last night I went to see my friend Nina and her band perform a few songs, showing off what they've learned these past few months. It's an evening program she's attending and they had their annual Spring Concert. This is what I wore:

Cover-up: Evans
Dress: New Look Inspire
Leggings: Evans
Wedges: Jette Riis
Rings: Pilgrim and H&M
Earrings: Gina Tricot
Once again I apologize for the full pic. I'll find a way to shoot better ones soon.

Here's Nina and her band rocking away!
It was a fun night, where Nina and I ended up having ice cream and girl talk.


  1. Hi, great blog!

    I hope you`ll accept a blogger award from me :)
    xoxox Anika

  2. i LOVE that dress hun! glad to hear u had fun! xoxo! and pls. check out my current giveaway:


  3. i wanna see you smiiiiile more! :D

    are these heart-shaped earrings in black with some kind of studs? hella fine!

    sexy outfit! :D

  4. @Anika Thanks so much, hun!!! Will post this tonight!

    @BBM Thank you, darling. You're always so sweet!

    @Lodi I'll try. I love the earrings, too. Thanks!