May 30, 2010

Double trouble

Here are my two outfits from yesterday. The first one is from when I went to help my sister and her boyfriend unpack. They've just moved back to Odense, where they are from originally. It's a very nice appartment and I'm so happy for them (and their little doggy).

I'm sorry about the blurry pics. I took so many, but none turned out better. I have to get my camera checked. Or better yet: get a new one.

Head band: New Look
T-Shirt: Asos Curve
Jeggings: Evans
Gladiators: Dixie

The next one is from when I went to my friend Martine's. The Eurovision Song Contest Final was on and a couple of us got together to watch it. We weren't really into the danish song, but really enjoyed a few others. You'll see some of them last in this post, if you're curious. Germany won, and I'm not complaining, but I really loved Belgium's Tom Dice.

Head band: New Look
Necklace: H&M
Shrug: Yours Clothing (new!)
Top: Yours Clothing (new!)
Lace Panel Leggings: Yours Clothing (new!)
Boots: New Look

As you can see, I'm wearing some of my new items from Yours Clothing. This was my 1st ever purchase from them and I've got mixed reviews. I absolutely adore the top and the leggings and I think they fit quite well. I didn't expect the top to be long enough to wear as a tunic, but I think it is and also the fabric is very light-weight and perfect for summer. The leggings are amazing and I'm so happy I got them. The lace panel really spices things up from just a pair of plain black leggings. The shrug was much thicker than I anticipated, but it's really warm and comfy, so for cooler summer days and nights it works well. I had some issues with the other 2 items I bought, the check shirt and the tie-dye Tee. I'll review them next week.
It's hard to see on the pics, but I tried to show you guys that my booties from New Look that I got a few months back, are fading and getting worn... golden! I love that!
Now for a few songs from last night, have a great Sunday!





  1. Love the booties and the 2nd outfit is to die for . I've been eyeing those lace panel leggings

  2. Thank you so much! yeah, I'd been eyeing them, too. They're only £10 at and they are so cute and comfy. I can highly recommend them. I know Asos has just gotten some, too, but they are £18!

  3. You look very cute ;o) I love the gladiators ! Are they old or from this season?

  4. Thanks, Malou. They are from last summer, but I'm sure you can find something similar now. Look online, too. That's usually cheaper.

  5. OMG I think every blogger got that Asos tee, including me! I love it! Looks great! Haven't done a ootd yet. The floral top is nice too, love the nerd glasses necklace!

  6. Yeah, I just saw Gabi from YFF in it, too. But it was dead cheap on Asos when I bought it (£3)! Thanks so much for commenting and following :)

  7. I love the first outfit and the lace leggings! LI have that tee coming in the post lmao, us bloggers clearly love a bargain ;D