May 16, 2010

Family brunch

Today I had my family over for brunch, as I'm turning 26 on Wednesday and they don't live in Copenhagen. I had made waayyy too much food, including: scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, rolls, sliced pineapple/kiwi/grapes, meat & cheese plate and a birthday cake - but it was yummy! My mom brought a homemade, traditional danish cake "brunsviger", which basically is danish brown sugar melted on a soft, sweet dough. Mmmm.

I got lots of nice presents: Money (yay!), a hard disc, New Moon on DVD, a series from The Body Shop, a cool figure (actually a piggy bank), flowers and a garden gnome (for my balcony!).

It was a really nice afternoon and I'm especially glad that both my grannies came and saw my new home. They don't get out much these days.

I wore my black dress from Asos and my cropped jacket from Zizzi. And a head band from H&M, that I bought in Berlin last summer and still adore. My shoes were black flats from Evans (please excuse my dumb facial expressions. Sadly I was in a hurry!)

This is Hansi II (Hansi I was stolen over a year ago):

I hope you all had a great Sunday!

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