May 9, 2010

Fun with friends and learning how to "smize"

Thursday I was at an old high school friend's house. It was a spontaneous dinner/party, as our mutual friend, Signe, was in Copenhagen at a conference for the day. We ended up being 6 people from back then, and it was really cool that we could meet up with such short notice. We're all still friends and see each other in pairs, but all being able to show up made it so much more fun. Stine, who had invited us, had made hummus, tzatziki and bread and bought olives, grapes, cheeses, melon and crackers, too. Put some wine, cider and beer in the mix and you've got youself a nice little weekday party!
Somehow we ended up talking about America's Next Top Model and Tyra's signature "smize" (smiling with your eyes). Of course we had to have a go at it, so here my friend Morten and I try to master it:


Earrings: H&M
Oversized Tee: Víla
Cropped Waist Coat: Zizzi
Ruched Black Jeggings: Zizzi
I wore gray Converse All Stars sneakers with it!
Friday I went to this semester's last party at uni. After I took the pics my camera died, so I don't have any drunken ones to show you. Haha - I think that's only a good thing! But here's what I wore:

Knitted and embelished top: Evans
Wet look leggings: Evans
Leopard Print Pointed Heels: Target

After the party at uni, I went out with my friend Nanna and a friend of hers. We went to two bars in the city centre... and somehow I lost my purple glasses!!! I have no idea how that happened. Obviously I wasn't wearing them, but they were in my bag. Nothing else has been lost, so I'm totally surprised. Plus, I've never lost anything while drinking before. I guess that's pretty good considering I'm 26 soon. I did however wake up with 8 shot glasses in my bag (??!!).
Oh well, I needed new specs anyhow.
Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. Lækker make-up på det sidste billede!

  2. you look so adorable with open hair and that dress suits you well, I also own it and loved it druing the winter months ^^

  3. Thanks, Katrin. Yeah, it's one of my faves, too :)