May 24, 2010

Sticky Sweet Danish - Queen of casual... (?!)

Lately there's been some debate going on (especially on twitter) about whether a blog can be called a) a fashion blog b) a fatshionable blog. It seems to me, like people are trying to label themselves and others. What ever happend to just having a blog and enjoying it?

But I have to say, I've taken precautions and I've renamed the title of my blog and also changed a bit in my description. I don't wanna be part of this discussion and I don't want any misunderstandings. I truly don't think I'm the most fa(t)shionable or fashion forward girl there is. I'm not as innovative and creative as many other plus size bloggers. One being that I'm bigger then, let's say Gabi from YFF and Sakina from Saks in the city, which means I'm more limited when it comes to choosing clothes. The other being that I'm not as bold as, let's say Christina from musings of a fatshionista. I could never wear tight fitting clothes, bodycon dresses etc. Simply because I don't feel comfortable in them. I admire all of these girls a great deal, I love their blogs and their styles and I do take some things with me from following them. Maybe in the future when I've accepted my body more or if I choose to lose weight, I will become bolder.

For now I'm just a regular girl with an interest in everyday-fashion. I love wearing jeggings and oversized tees. I love clothes that I don't have to iron, clothes I can put in the machine and not have to have dry cleaned. I love sleeping that extra ½ an hour in the mornings and just putting an easy outfit together. Something that you can just throw on and rush out of the door. Not saying I don't think about what to wear and how it looks, but I guess I just love comfy and casual clothes. Where I try to spice things up a little is in the smaller details. Like a head band, rings, nail polish, scarfs etc. Something that makes my outfit just a little bit more interesting. But I do want to improve my style even more, without taking away my personality and love for the casual. So I've made a list of things I want to try and achieve:

- wearing heels more often
- spending more time on doing my hair
- buying clothes in colours that 'pop'
- be even bolder with my accessories
- investing in a few dresses
- buying a few colourful shoes

More will probably present itself, and I think I'll do more posts on this subject, and maybe other subjects, too. So far my blog has not had long texts, LOL. And I usually have loads to say.

To all of you girls out there with blogs: don't label and limit yourselves according to others. A blog is a personal thing and you should be able to write about and call yourself anything you want. The most important thing is to have fun blogging. Go for it! Fatshionista is just a word, true recognition of style comes from within. If you believe you're fab, then you are and everyone else will respect you for it... and if they don't, you're better of without them.

Much LOVE and PEACE xoxo


  1. This is a very honnest post. Well done and good luck for the goals you want to achieve!

  2. Thank you so much. And thanks for taking time to read my posts :)