May 2, 2010

The Storm Concert / OOTD #3

Last night I went to a concert with the danish band "The Storm". My friend Nina knows the singer, Pernille Rosendahl, and she got us free tickets. I didn't know too many of their songs, but the ones I knew I really like. Also Pernille used to be in a band called "Swan Lee" which was one of my favourite bands in high school. I tried to dress a little bit "rockish". Casual, blacks and my black All Stars Converse. I know it might be hard to see, but my leggings are slashed in the sides. I did this myself and I like the outcome a lot. I did put tights underneath though. Oh, and sorry for the poor full pic, but this was all I could do to catch most of it.

Jacket: Zizzi
Oversize Tee: H&M BiB
Leggings: Indiska (customized by me)
Tights: don't recall
Sneakers: All Stars Converse
Heart-shaped ring: Pilgrim
Black rings: H&M
Watch: Granddad's

There was quite a bit of smoke in the air at the concert, which created great light and effect, but didn't do much for my camera. I couldn't take great pics, but here is one of the "better".

I also shot a video of my favourite song "Where the storm meets the ground". It's not great audio, but it's okay. I don't know how to turn the video right though... sorry!

Nina's video of my new favourite song "A lonely person" is much better, so here you go:

Just so you don't think that "The Storm" is only about slow songs, here's another one of Nina's videos. The band is actually a rock band!

After the show Pernille came down to greet us and brought candy. We all talked for about an hour, while she was signing autographs for fans and when things were being packed. She's such a sweetheart and very down to earth.

It was a great night!

P.S.: Sorry I've been kind of MIA lately, I have just moved to my new place and have been eally busy with that and uni. I'll do a post about my appartment soon, with pics... when I'm unpacked that is.


  1. Eeeej jeg er SÅ misundelig ! Jeg er helt vild med "Honesty". Hende Pernille der hun virker bare så skide rar. I øvrligt lækkert outfit ;o)

  2. Hehe. Hun er også virkelig sød. Honesty er også et fedt nummer! Du må komme til en koncert en dag så.