May 26, 2010

Straight to the heart... and you're to blame!

Oh Evans, why do you do this to me??? You should know that I am broke...
But 30% off? I mean, who can resist that?

This morning I woke up and found the Evans Newsletter in my inbox. 30% off selected lines. I've been drooling over A LOT of pieces and I had a huge wishlist and shopping bag in my account. I logged on to see if any of my items were reduced... and they ALL were. Those that weren't 30% off, were 20% off. It took me 15 min. to limit my shopping bag to the items I desired the most, as I unfortunately don't have £300 to spend (but easily could have). I ended up spending £98,35 (incl. delivery) and saved an amazing £29,65. I tell myself that I need summer clothing and this will all be items I would have bought sooner or later. Now just on sale...

What do you tell yourself, when you are broke, but end up spending money anyways?


  1. cute items...and when i am broke but end up spending money i tell myself no more shopping for awhile. but i rarely end up sticking with it. also if i get something on sale or a good deal then i dont feel as guilty :)

  2. I tell myself the same thing, haha!