Jun 11, 2010

In bed with Fontane

Aren't we just the cutest couple?

Sorry you guys, I'm totally M.I.A these days due to my final exam in German Literature the 21st. I have 800 pages to read and analyze, so I've got a lot of work to do! I'm hoping to do a somewhat more interesting post on Sunday, as I might have changed my hair... we shall see... I won't reveal too much at this point, but I'm very excited as it will be a drastic change, if it happens. Stay tuned!

Also I wanna give a shout out to all my lovely followers: Thank you so much! You really make my day, especially when you comment. When I reach 50 followers I will have a small giveaway and at 100 followers a bigger one - so please keep recommending my blog!

I've changed my design today, it's not my own, but I still haven't found the right one for me... and I don't know how to do one myself. But all in time, I'm still new in blogland. I would love to hear from you guys though; what can I do to make my blog more interesting to you? Do you want more OOTD's, more topic discussions, more personal stuff? What tickles your fancy?!

Sigh, better get back to reading Theodor Fontane.


  1. Which book of him do you habe to read?
    We read Effie Brist back in school...at first it hated it, but somehow we became friends and now I actually like the story.

    Congrats to so many readers. O think OODT is always great but I also love to see wish list or wishing outfits :D

  2. I was reading "Irrungen, Wirrungen". We read "Effi Briest" during the first semester and I felt the same way. Bürgerlicher Realismus ist unser Thema ;)

    Now I'm almost done with Gottfried Keller "Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe" and then I'll go relax with my friend.

    Wishlist are on top of my to-do-list, so no worries. They'll come! Thanks for following, sweetie. xoxo