Jul 12, 2010

... now break...!

Hej søde læsere,
jeg vil bare på forhånd undskylde for mit fravær den næste uges tid... jeg smutter i sommerhus igen. Jeg kan simpelthen ikke holde den varme ud i København, så back to Fyn it is! Jeg håber at I kan fordrive jeres sommerdage med is, strand, friske ærter og gode bøger, ligesom jeg.

Hi my dear readers,
I just wanna apologize for my absence this next week. I can't stand the heat in Copenhagen, so I'm going back to Funen and the summer house. I will be back next week! I hope you're enjoying your summer with lots of ice cream, beaches, fresh peas and good books, like I am.

xoxo Rikke


  1. i cant stand the heat sometimes either. hope you enjoy your stay at your summer house! cool off and have fun!!


  2. Hey there, have a great vaca! just checking of you've gotten the dress? :)

  3. @Louela: Thanks so much, and thanks for stopping by. I hope you're not too hot, where you are at the moment ;)

    @Jennifer: Thx, hun. I have gotten the dress, thank you so much! Unfortunately I had to give it to my mom, as it didn't fit me do to the wrong size. But she traded with some other clothes and she looks fantastic in it, so I'm still very happy. I hope you're enjoying the States! xoxo