Jul 5, 2010

What I wore the day of the ECLIPSE

As some of you may have noticed, I'm a big Twilight geek. Not in the creepy stalker- or teenage way, but I love the books and I really like the movies, too. For some reason I have fallen for Taylor Lautner... well, actually it's not Taylor per se, it's more the character he plays. I'm definitely Team Jacob! Despite me not being big on muscles, I have to repeat Bella's line from New Moon: Hello bisceps!

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Anyways, I really enjoyed the movie and I wish it would've been longer. Maybe made into 2 movies, like the 4th book will be (Breaking Dawn). There was definitely more action and more making out in ECLIPSE than in any of the previous movies, which I appreciated... but Jacob's story should have been elaborated way more in my opinion.

To throw in some kind of fashion angle, here's my OOTD:

Top: Yours Clothing
Jeggings: Evans
Gladiators: Dixie

This is the Yours Clothing Top I got a while back and haven't had a chance to review yet, so I'll do a quick one now. I got it cheap, which is always a plus, but the top does have it's disadvantages. It's quite snug once you put it on, but after a few hours it stretches A LOT and turns oversize. Which is fine, if you remember to wear something underneath. My whole cleavage almost falls out after a while, LOL. Otherwise it's a quite thick quality and the design is right on trend. For £10 it was a good buy.


  1. Love the jeggings :)

    I didn't like Eclipse much, I loved it because I'm a total Twilight geek, but it wasn't anything like I thought it'd be and I was quite disappointed. Going to see it again though haha

  2. Awwwr, I am not Team Jacob but I am also not Team Edward... more 50 : 50 xD

    But I liiike Tyler. Awr. Looks so good.
    And your outfit looks really great , too. I like the top.

  3. @Rosie:
    Thanks! They're my fave at the moment.
    Haha, yeah I have to go see it again, too. I feel like I was so caught up in being excited that I didn't really SEE it.

    Thank you!
    Hehe, I love Edward, too. I think I'm like: I want Bella and Edward to be together, so I can have Jacob! LOL.

  4. I like your outfit! I guess I need to see the movies LOL :)

    nice new layout!

    xxx Anika

  5. @Anika:
    Thank you so much!
    Yes, you should definitely see it... yummy!

    I like your layout, too. Looks like we're both growing more and more into this blogosphere ;)

  6. first of all u look SUPA CUTE! and ...