Mar 31, 2010

Asos Cravings

As I've just bought an apartment I don't actually have a lot of money to shop for... but if I did, I'd be purchasing these things from Asos Curve. Asos Curve has a lot of really nice and stylish things, they do great tops and especially dresses, but since my waist is my biggest issue I can't really see myself wearing them. If you're more proportionate, with a smaller waist and bigger chest & hips, then there are some really awesome, girly dresses for you. I also don't like showing my arms, so if I bought this abstract dress I'd wear it with a cropped jacket/a shrug/a cover-up. But hey, that's just me!

I'm also a girl who enjoys casual and easy outfits, so oversized tee's, T-shirt dresses, tunics etc. are my thing. I wear those a lot with jeggings/leggings. I am looking for the right kind of skirt though. One I can wear just under my bust with a tugged-in tee/vest and maybe a cropped jacket. The skirt musn't be too formfitted, as I wan't to look more proportionate and my bum is quite small for my size. So this skirt from Asos is a little "poofy" and unless it's too short, it'd be perfect for that. Plus I love coral.

Click on the pics for more info

As spring and summer are approaching, the season's colours are lighter again. Pastels are hitting it big time, especially peach, ivory, lilac and nude. I can usually wear any colour I like, but for this spring and summer I really love peach and nude. Prints are also a big winner and as I like tees, I think a funky print spices them up. As I am a big Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries geek, I think the "Love at first bite"-tee is awesome! If the collar is that loose, I'd wear a vest/tank top/camisole underneath it though.

This dress is sooo fierce!
But not very spring-like... and I don't think I have the guts (or the figure!) to wear it.

I have also fallen in love with these kind of rucksack's. They are very early 90's, which I adore at the moment. The polka-dotted is £28 and the tan is £70, but real leather. If I were to buy one I'd probably go with the polka-dotted, it's cute and I know it might not be a style I'd be into forever, so going for the cheapest would also be smart.

Tomorrow I'll show you my wish list from Evans! Until then, keep your fingers crossed that money will magically come find me...

Mar 29, 2010

Outfit of the day

I have Easter Holidays from Uni so today I went to Odense, where I'm from, to see my family and some friends. I wasn't up to much else so my outfit was really casual.

Cardigan: Evans
Tee: Asos Curve (Paris You & Me)
Jeggings: H&M BiB (cut by myself)
Wedges: Jette Riis
Ring: H&M
Bracelet (actually a necklace): Glitter
Watch: Granddad's
Earrings: Gina Tricot
Glasses: Ralph Lauren
Bag: Kirkens Korshær (Thrift shop)
Headband: ONLY

I love my wedges, they are actually quite comfortable and they automatically dress up any outfit. The headband annoyed me today, I don't know why, so I took it off after a while. By the way I looove my bag that I got 3 weeks ago in a Thrift Shop for only 20 DKK (£2,50/$4). I've used almost every day. And I'm sorry about my facial expressions. I usually don't come across this mad/bored/serious!
Jeg har påskeferie fra uni så i dag tog jeg til Odense for at besøge min familie og nogle venner. Jeg skulle ikke det helt store, så jeg valgte noget rimelig casual i dag. Men mine nye støvler giver lige lidt mere kant og de er faktisk rimelig behagelige at have på. Tørklædet tog jeg af efter et stykke tid, fordi det af en eller anden grund irriterede mig i dag... Jeg elsker i øvrigt tasken fra Kirkens Korshær. Jeg købte den for 3 uger siden og har brugt den stort set hver dag. Og så fik jeg den for en flad 20'er! Jeg undskylder i øvrigt de underlige ansigtsudtryk. Normalt ser jeg ikke ud som jeg keder mig/er sur/seriøs.

x-factor final

Last night I attended the huge final of this year's x-factor. It was the 1st time that it was held at Parken, Denmarks biggest stadium, and actually it was the biggest x-factor show in the World. 40.000 people in the audience! As I had auditioned for the show I was invited to join a big choir that should participate in the so called "Losers Medley". We had quite an easy job: singing "oh-oh" and lighting sparklers. But it was so much fun! I got in for free and got to see my girls Nina and SisterSoul on the big stage in the medley. I was so proud of them!

A few pics of my sparkling performance. LOL.

The song for the medley was a danish song by Alex ft. Nik & Jay "Hvad nu hvis", but you might enjoy it anyways. SisterSoul are Bonnie and Amie, the 2 girls walking in together early in the song. Nina is the one with the Twitter Tee (follow her @ninajansen).

I går aftes deltog jeg i x-factor finalen i Parken. Det var verdens største x-factor show nogensinde: 40.000 mennesker! Da jeg havde været til audition på showet blev jeg tilbudt at tage del i det store kor der skulle indgå i taber-medleyet. Vi havde et rimelig nemt job: at synge "oh-oh" og vifte med stjernekastere. Men jeg kom gratis ind og det var supersjovt. Jeg nød virkelig showet og så fik jeg set mine piger på den store scene: Nina (hende fra Twitter. Følg hende: @ninajansen) og Bonnie & Amie fra SisterSoul. Jeg var så stolt af dem!

Mar 24, 2010

Cute little things

I totally forgot that I also bought these cute socks and earrings today! I'll wear the socks on show in ballerinas or heels and the earrings go with my new babies (my wedges) amongst other things!

Fake Leather Studded Earrings from Gina Tricot: 59 DKK/£7/$10,50
Nude Printed Socks from Gina Tricot (they came in a 2-pack with a pair of black socks): 29 DKK/£3,50/$5

Jeg havde helt glemt at jeg også købte disse søde ting i dag. Et par virkelig fine sokker og nogle fede øreringe. Sokkerne vil jeg vise frem i et par ballerinasko eller et par højhælede og øreringene passer blandt andet til mine nye støvler!

My new babies

I wasn't actually looking for anything when I went through the shopping streets of Copenhagen today. But when I saw these babies were 50% off I had to make a move! I love that they are boots, but wedges. They will be paired with everything in my wardrobe this spring and summer! But now I have to eat pasta for the rest of March...
Boots by Jette Riis 399,95 DKK/£48/$73

Jeg var egentlig ikke på udkig efter noget da jeg slentrede ned af Strøget i dag, men da jeg så at disse fede kilehælestøvler var nedsat med 50% kunne jeg ikke dy mig! Jeg vil bruge dem sammen med stort set alt i min garderobe nu til forår og sommer. Men nu skal jeg altså også leve af pasta resten af marts...

Mar 21, 2010

Newest outfits!

I've finally managed to get some pics taken of some of my latest purchases. I apologize for the messy hair and/or weird facial expressions!
The 2 tops I ordered from Asos are great and the sizes were as expected. Especially the nude boyfriend tee. I might order that one in white as well. I have yet to take a pic of the Paris You and Me Tee. I found the sizes at New Look smaller than from Evans. Even though I ordered them a size bigger, the shirts were quite tight - but the leggings were too big (I'm largest around my waist). I sold the long stripe top to my mom (who is 3 sizes smaller than me, but fit it perfectly!) and the Paris Tee will have to lay in the closet for a while. It was only £8 and sending it back would be silly.
I also bought some stuff from danish stores recently.

Cropped denim jacket: Zizzi ZJ Collection 399,95 DKK/£48/$73 (but I got 20% off)
Black Knitted Tunic with Studs: Evans, previous collection
Alice head band: New Look £3
Watch: My late grandfather's

I loooove this jacket. It has the perfect colour, lenght and fit. Just what I wanted for this spring and summer. The sleeves can be rolled down, so I think it's very versatile. The fabric is a little stretchy and very comfortable. This will definitely be put to use often!

Black Stud Detail Cover-Up: Evans £29,50/$44/242 DKK
Grey Drape Front Dress: New Look £22/182DKK/$33
Black Wet Look Leggings: Evans, previous collection
Black Ballerinas: Evans, previous collection
As I mentioned the sizes from New Look are on the smaller side. The dress is really cute, but for now I think it works best with a cover-up or cropped jacket/blazer etc. I will definitely wear it though and I adore the button details. The studded cover-up from Evans is amazing. The fabric is really soft and light-weight and it has a perfect lenght and fit. It is longer in the front and I'm basically wearing it whenever I can!
Nude Roll Sleeve Boyfriend Tee: Asos Curve £18/$27/148 DKK
Distressed Boy Jeans: New Look £25/206DKK/$38
Sequin Barret: Evans, previous collection
I love the nude tee from Asos, as said. The lenght is perfect and the look very 90's, which I love at the moment. I also wear it with black leggings. The jeans from New Look are okay, but not what I'd imagined. As usual they are a bit tight on me around the waist and quite loose around my bum and hips (which is why I almost always wear leggings or jeggings). I will still be putting them into use though and I think I can rock them with a pair of heels or wedges as well.

Cropped Waist Coat: Zizzi 399,95 DKK/£48/$73 (but I got it on sale for ½ the price)
Oversize Tee: VILA 199,95/£24/$36
Black Leggings: Evans, previous collection
Us plus-sizers are in luck that a lot of regular stores have oversize tees. Oversize is still very trendy and when I saw this tee couldn't resist. It's perfect just with leggings but can also be worn with jeans/jeggings. And it's easy to just throw on in the morning and instantly look good. It comes in 2 other colour combinations: peach/grey and navy/white. I'm very tempted to buy the peach/grey one, too. The waist coat was something that I accidently came across while leaving the store after buying my denim jacket. It was the last one, 50% off and my size! FATE! Its leather look makes it totally stylish and it's very comfy, too. The ankle boots from New Look are great. And they fit me very well (size 8). Awesome for an easy everyday-look.

Mar 20, 2010

Eclipse Sneak Peak

Sorry if some of you guys aren't as excited about Eclipse coming out June 30th as I am. I can hardly wait and when I saw this sneak peak it just got harder. I think Eclipse will be amazing, don't you?

Sorry hvis I ikke er lige så spændte på at Eclipse udkommer den 30. juni, som jeg er. Jeg kan næsten ikke vente og da jeg så denne video blev det bare endnu sværere. Jeg tror at Eclipse bliver fantastisk, gør I ikke?

Mar 18, 2010

Fatshionista of the week #2

As this weeks fatshionista I chose the french blogger Sakina from Saks-In-The-City. I love her versatile style and her super quirky details in her outfits. She isn't afraid of throwing in some colour or thinking outside of the "what's my regular size and will this look good on me"-box. To me she is the ideal Parisian woman: beautiful, stylish and creative!

Sakina writes on her blog:
I am a Parisian, [though really a New Yorker in the heart], I have curves and I love Fashion. I created this blog to show curvy ladies like me, that the supposedly plus size fashion rules, are not always true. We can go way further than you can imagine in fashion and I really hope that sharing my outfits will help things and mentalities change a little bit.

Sakina is also one of the plus-size video bloggers at Vogue Italia, who have recently added an amazing online section for Curvy women. You will see Sakina shopping in Brand Bazar and H&M in Paris. Looking fab of course.

Make sure to check out her blog here !

Som denne uges fatshionista har jeg valgt bloggeren Sakina fra Saks-In-The-City. Jeg elsker hendes alsidige stil og skæve detaljer. Hun er ikke bange for at smide noget farverigt på eller tænke uden for den boks alle store piger kender: "Hvad er nu min rigtige størrelse og vil dette klæde mig"-boksen. Jeg hader den! I mine øjne er hun den ideelle parisiske kvinde: smuk, stylish og kreativ! Sakina er også en af plus-size videobloggerne for Vogue Italia, som for nylig har lanceret en sektion for kvinder med curver. Du kan se Sakina shoppe i Brand Bazar og H&M i Paris. Sørg for at tjekke hendes blog ud!

Mar 14, 2010

Sinful Sunday Recipe #1 - Sexy Brownies

It's Sunday and for many of us that means either hangovers (I'm luckily not in that category today) or relaxation. Either way Sunday makes for a good day for a little bit of sin... in the kitchen....
I'm talking recipes. There's nothing better than cooking up something really delicious. If you share it with someone special or enjoy it all by yourself is up to you, but Sinful Sunday Recipes will be a regular on the blog as I've got a few up my sleeve!
This weeks recipe is for Sexy Brownies. The good thing about them is that you can put almost anything in them. Once I tried Nutella and Peanut Butter a long side chocolate bits. They were amazing! Snickers, M&M's, various nuts, white chocolate... play with it! For maximum pleasure bake them minimum 6 hours before you want to eat them.
Sexy Brownies
  • 200 g butter (7 oz.)
  • 200 g dark chocolate (at least 55% cocoa) (7 oz.)
  • 125 g flour (4 ½ oz.)
  • 3 eggs
  • 265 g sugar (9 oz.)
  • real cocoa powder (dark)
  • ½ tea spoon salt (a bit more if the butter is unsaltet)
  • 125 g walnuts (4 ½ oz.) (optional)
Melt the butter and half the chocolate seperately. Whip the flour, eggs, sugar, salt and vanilla together until it's a nice, even and airy texture. Poor in the meltet butter slowly and mix it together. Gently stir in the meltet chocolate and as much cocoa powder you want (the more you put in the more it will dominate the taste. Make sure not to over-do it as that will taste bitter). Chop up the walnuts and the other half of the chocolate into chunky pieces and put them in.
Bake it in ½ a roasting pan for 18 min. at 200 degrees Celcius (392 degrees Fahrenheit). Don't bake it for longer as it will continue baking a little while after in the hot pan (the center will be fluid while hot). When it's cooled off you can cut out pieces and put in the fridge to harden them a bit more. Serve with ice cream and/or fresh berries for a greater sinful pleasure.

Mar 13, 2010

20% off all New in at Dorothy Perkins

... but only until Monday! Use this discount code at check out: DPNEWIN20
... men kun gældende til mandag. Brug ovenstående kode ved check out!

Mar 12, 2010

Half price sale at Evans

From today you can make a bargain online at Evans. They have just opened a new sale that will be an online exclusive during the weekend and will hit the store on Monday, too. You will find many reduced items and a lot are even half the original price!

I found a few interesting things, but I'm not sure I'll be buying any of them, as I've just recently purchased a ton of clothes. But it's very tempting - especially the denim jacket. I've been eyeing that one for a while now...

1 2 34

5 6

Sale prices:
1. Black Leather Stud Ankle Boots £20/$30/164DKK
2. Black Cuff Platform Shoes £29,50/$45/242DKK
3. White Lace Up Pumps £7/$11/57DKK
4. Purple Trim Ballerinas £7/$11/57DKK
5. Pewter Almond Toe Ballerinas £7/$11/57DKK
6. Black Leather Slaingbacks £15/$23/123DKK
7. Denim Asymetric Biker Jacket £30/46/246DKK
8. Dark Purple Floral Dress £20/$30/164DKK
9. Pink Peter Pan Swing Coat £25/$38/205DKK
10. Blue Colourblock Top £15/$23/123DKK


Fra i dag af kan du gøre et kup online hos Evans. De har lige åbnet for et nyt udsalg som vil være eksklusivt online weekend over og på mandag ligeledes ramme butikkerne. Du kan finde mange reducerede ting og en del er endda til halv pris!

Jeg har funder et par interessante ting, men jeg er ikke sikker på at jeg vil købe noget da jeg jo lige har anskaffet mig en masse nyt tøj. Men det er meget fristende - især denimjakken. Den har jeg længe haft et godt øje til...

Mar 11, 2010

Official Eclipse trailer

Yesterday I posted the first teaser, a 10 sec. video trailer for Eclipse, coming June 30th. Now the full lenght trailer is here! Eclipse was my favourite book of the Twilight Saga and I think the movie looks promising.

The part of Victoria has been taken over by Bryce Dallas Howard from Rachelle Lefevre, who played it in the first 2 movies. I'm excited to see if she can live up to Rachelle's wicked attitude!

Of course a half-naked Taylor Lautner is also something to look forward to... And he's turned 18 and legal, ladies! Can it please be June 30th now?
Until then we'll have to settle for the fact that New Moon will be released on DVD March 20th.


I går postede jeg den første teaser fra Eclipse, en 10 sek. video. I dag er traileren udkommet i fuld længde. Eclipse er min yndlingsbog i sagaen og jeg synes at filmen ser lovende ud.

Rollen som Victoria har Bryce Dallas Howard overtaget fra Rachelle Lefevre, som spillede den i de første 2 film. Jeg er spændt på at se om hun kan leve op til Rachelles ondskabsfulde attitude!

Selvfølgelig er Taylor Lautners nøgne overkrop også noget at se frem til. Han er fyldt 18 og er dermed "lovlig", de damer! Kan det ikke nok snart blive den 30. juni? Indtil da må vi nøjes med det faktum, at New Moon udkommer på DVD den 20. marts.

Mar 10, 2010

1st Eclipse teaser!

I know this isn't exactly fashion related, especially due to Taylor Lautners lack of clothes in the video, but being such a BIG fan of Twilight I had to share this with you guys. It's the 1st teaser from the 3rd movie "Eclipse" which will hit theatres June 30th. I can't wait!

Jeg ved godt at det ikke er så moderelateret, især pga. Taylor Lautners mangel på tøj i videoen, men da jeg er en STOR fan af Twilight-sagaen bliver jeg nødt til at dele dette med jer. Det er den første teaser fra den tredje film i rækken, "Eclipse", som kommer i biografen den 30. juni. Jeg kan slet ikke vente!

Fatshionista of the week

Every week I will be picking a fatshionable woman for this category. It could be a celeb, a blogger or a girl on the street. If you want to be featured and think you've got awesome style let me know: .

This week I'll be playing it safe and I therefor choose the fabulous Beth Ditto from the indie band The Gossip. Beth is 29 years old and known as quite the chameleon when it comes to fashion. She isn't afraid to play with her look - be it punk, ladylike or even nude!

Beth Ditto for Evans. I wore this dress at my parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary in August '09. The leggings and shoes were also from Evans, the jacket from Zizzi (danish brand) and the head band from H&M.


Hver uge vil jeg vælge en fatshionable kvinde til denne kategori. Det kan være en kendis, en blogger eller en pige på gaden. Hvis du vil vises frem og mener at du har fantastisk god stil, så lad mig vide det på ovenstående mail.

Denne uge spiller jeg et sikkert kort og vælger derfor den fantastiske Beth Ditto fra indiebandet The Gossip. Beth er 29 år og er kendt som lidt af en kamæleon hvad angår fa(t)shion. Hun er ikke bange for at tage chancer med sit look, om det så er punk, ladylike eller endda uden en trevl!