Jan 23, 2011

Pictures of a great week!

Jeg har haft en supergod uge, som bl.a har budt på nyt tøj, hygge med gode venner, Mamma Mia i Glassalen og julefrokost med hele distriktet. Flere uger burde være sådan!

Lots of new clothes from Zizzi

Tada! Trying on my new pink jeans and camouflage blouse.

My boss and I ready for Mamma Mia!

Striking a pose at the play.

At the xmas party with work, pre-drinking.

My co-worker Louise and I at the xmas party, post-drinking.

I've had a great week, where I've bought lots of new clothes, hung out with good friends, seen Mamma Mia on stage and had a xmas party with work. More weeks should be like this!

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  1. I heart the pink jeans! I've never had pastel jeans before and I wish I would find some!