Feb 15, 2011

Something not so sweet about Evans

Den 7. december bestilte jeg tøj fra Evans for godt 800 kr. Pakken er aldrig ankommet og jeg har ikke fået refunderet mine penge. Jeg har kontaktet dem adskillige gange (ca. 5 emails og har prøvet at ringe uden at komme igennem). De har ikke så meget som svaret på bare én af mine emails. I går skrev jeg på deres Facebook-side, men det eneste svar jeg så fik var, at jeg skulle prøve at ringe. Jeg synes at det er helt utrolig dårlig service og jeg kan slet ikke forstå, at de er så uprofessionelle - jeg har aldrig haft problemer med dem før. Jeg behøver vel ikke at sige, at jeg er virkelig ked af det, ikke kun pga. at have mistet så mange penge, men også fordi jeg virkelig var glad for Evans og en loyal kunde. Men det er slut nu. Jeg tør aldrig bestille noget fra dem igen, medmindre denne sag løser sig. Jeg har dog opgivet håbet nu. Lad det være os allesammen en lærestreg, når det kommer til online shopping! Er der nogen af jer der har haft lignende problemer og måske har et forslag til, hvad jeg kan gøre for at få mine penge igen?

December 7th I ordered clothes from Evans for £91,50. The parcel never arrived and I haven't received a refund. Online I can see, that January 20th the order was set to "return requested", without me having done it. But still no sign of my money. I've contacted them several times, including sending 5 emails, calling them (without luck) and writing on their Facebook page, where the only reply was "try calling".  This is THE ONLY reply I've received from them. None of my emails have been responded to, not a single word. I think this is the worst service I've ever received and I'm extremely unsatisfied, frustrated and sad. Not only have I lost a lot of money, but I was also very happy with Evans and a loyal customer. That will change now. I'll never order from them again, if this doesn't work out somehow. I've given up hope now though. Let it be a lesson to all of us, when it comes to online shopping! Have any of you had problems like this before or do you have a suggestion to what else I can do to get my refund?


  1. They never replied to my e-mails at all. The only way I got in touch with them was through their phone line. I probably had to call about 10 times, and I waited a long time on hold each time. If you do end up calling again, make sure you are very upfront and adamant about getting your return TODAY. Otherwise they will say wait X number of days and then call again. Good luck, dear!

  2. I had a problem recently where my Evans order from December took 2 months to arrive with me in Canada. I was starting to panic and sent them emails about it through their website but those were ignored. It did show up so I dropped it, but I was really unimpressed by their ignoring me.

    I think the problem might be that they don't have international tracking, so once it leaves the UK they really have no idea where it is. But ignoring customers who have spent a lot of money only to end up with nothing is truly awful behaviour.

  3. Hej Rikke..

    Kan læse på deres fbside at det er et generelt problem de har og derinde er der mange som er utilfreds :( håber da du får dine penge tilbage for det er godt nok mange penge :(


  4. Hello, I tweeted to evans and they used twitter to reply me asking for your order number and contact details. I guess I have your email but i don't have your order number to reply to them. You can email me at themerrytraveller at gmail.com and I can reply to them on your behalf and see if they come back with an answer.

  5. OMG, aren't you just the sweetest! Twitter was going to be my next move. I'll email you from the email address I use at Evans. Thanks so much doll xoxo

  6. I've been online shopping for years and I've never experienced anything like that. I'm really sorry and I hope you get your money back asap!!

    Editor & Chic

  7. I have hear of things like this with evens a lot during the last weeks. I think it was fon Fat Aus Blog or Twitter, where she complained about theire customer service. It is really strange cause they used to have a good one, maybe they changed some working people there? I cross my finger for you to get your order or your money!!

  8. SO funny, I've dealt with them in the same way - I got my refund from Visa, and now when I try to order online it rejects it. And I had a customer service person hang up on me... They are shite.

  9. The last several months I've had really awful customer service from Evans on a few different orders. One was quality issues/return and another was a lost package.

    My last order was lost in December. I e-mailed a few times with no replies. Their average response time seems to be about 3-4 weeks (or not at all), which is pretty ridiculous! Previously, I had luck using Twitter or being super persistent through e-mail to get a response.

    Both times, I've had to call to get my money back. I'm on the west coast of the US, so time zones can be a little tricky. The problem I have with phone support is that it is Arcadia, not Evans specifically? So they don't seem to be able to pull up the e-mail correspondence, etc. and do what the CS in Evans said without MORE waiting.

    Just be persistent! Calling seems to get results.