Mar 22, 2011

Put a belt on it!

Endnu et OOTD! Hvad sker der dog? Haha.
Desværre blev billedet lidt mørkt, men det er taget mens jeg var på arbejde og vi ikke havde så meget tid. I har set det meste af tøjet før, men kombinationen er ny (og bæltet er også først købt i dag). Jeg er selv virkelig glad for dagens outfit, som med bæltet gav mig lidt mere talje og med røde læber og negle så ret labert ud, if you ask me. Og så på en helt amindelig tirsdag!

Shirt: Zizzi Jeans (ZJ)
Longline top: Zizzi Jeans (ZJ)
Leggings: Zizzi
Boots: Asos
Belt: bit'avant
Rings: H&M
Earrings: from an italian market

Another OOTD! What's happening? Haha.
Unfortunately the pic turned out quite dark, but it was taken while I was at work and we didn't have too much time to play around. You've seen most of the clothes before, but the combination (and the belt) is new. I was really happy with this outfit, as I think the belt gives me a little bit of a waist and the red lips and nails add some spice. And on an ordinary Tuesday on top of that!


  1. LOL I guess we love belts! You look awesome!

  2. Thanks, honey. Yeah, belts are awesome. I need more!

  3. I'm so behind my blogging, it's insane. Thanx again for visiting and commenting Rikke, I do appreciate it a lot! I love re-do's, so keep showing us variation of the same ensemble.Is bit'avant a Danish brand? I don't know it.

  4. I know how you feel. I'm so bad at commenting, but I read all your posts! So you're welcome :)
    And thanks, I just try to do some more OOTD's... so sometimes the same thing will pop up. Yes, bit'avant is Danish. They do accessories and we sell some of their stuff in the store I work in. I love that they do plus-size, on trend belts! And they have cute scarfs and jewelry, too. Bonus, since I get employee discount :D

  5. Wow the belt made all the difference! It turned the outfit fierce and the leggings made your legs look so slim!