Apr 23, 2011

Happy Hippie

I går var min søster og jeg hjemme ved vores farmor for at få lidt god, gammeldags mad. Menuen stod på grydekylling, brun sauce, kartofler og hjemmesyltede agurker. Til dessert fik vi ferskner med fløde- og så skulle vi selvfølgelig have kaffe og kage! Puha, jeg blev mæt. Men det var rigtig hyggeligt. Jeg nyder virkelig at være hjemme ved familien i Odense. Mit outfit var vist rimelig 70'er inspireret med mine nye jeans med svaj fra Dorothy Perkins (som sidder perfekt!), mine plateausandaler og min hvide, broderede bluse. Afslappet, men ret fint, hvis jeg selv skal sige det.

Jeg håber at I også nyder jeres påske - og solen!


Blouse: Zizzi
Longline Top: ZJ (Zizzi Jeans)
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Sandals: Evans
Bracelet: Føtex (local shop)
Earrings, ring and satchel: Pieces

 Yesterday my sister and I had dinner with our grandmother. There's nothing like a traditional, danish meal once in a while! I'm really enjoying spending time with my family these days. My outfit was kind of 70's inspired with my new kick flare jeans from Dorothy Perkins (that fit like a dream!), my platform sandals and my broidery blouse. Casual, but still a very cute outfit, if I should say so myself.

I hope you're enjoying your Easter as well and that you have lovely sunshine, wherever in the World you are!


  1. Lækkert, Rikke! Dine ben ser ud som om de er tusind kilometer lange. :)

  2. Haha, tak søde Tine! Plateausandalerne hjælper :)

  3. As always - Love it!


  4. Aw, you look gorgeous! :D your hair looks awesome in these photos! :D

    So cute! :D Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love! :)

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  5. Thank you! And the same to you. We can never get too much love :D


  6. You look so pretty! Love your hair and the top is perfect for summer xoxo


  7. Aaw, thank you so much, sweetie xo

  8. I love the ease and chicness of your outfit! and aren't dorothy perkins jeans the best? They're made for curvy girls, best fit ever. What's a traditional danish meal btw? just curious cuz I have no clue!

  9. Thank you, sweetheart! Yes, this is the 1st pair of DP jeans for me, but I'm definitely getting more. We have several traditional meals, but this one was a whole chicken cooked in a pot, potatoes, pickle and gravy (lots of it!) LOL.

  10. Hey Rikke!

    My name is Mele and I saw your post on Weesha's blog. I wanted to check your spot out cause it said you like fashion and you want to teach...well that sounds just like me...although Im teaching now...2nd year out since graduation! Anyways Im your newest follower....I love what you put together and I like to keep up with what other women are chosing to wear all over the world!!

    So pleased to meet you! Feel free to check out my blog.

    Mele, Australia


  11. Hey Mele! I'm glad you found my blog :) I checked out yours, too, and I like what I'm seeing. It truly is great to meet bloggers from around the World and inspire each other. I'm sure we'll be in touch :D