Jul 5, 2011

6 Take: Celebrity Style

Så er det atter blevet tid til et indlæg, som en del af et samarbejde mellem mig og to andre bloggere. Bortset fra at vores lille gruppe nu er vokset til hele 6 personer! Byd velkommen til Jessica fra Chic in every City, Yoli fra Diva in deep thought og Sarah fra Queen sized flava made in Montreal. De har tilsluttet sig Jess fra Too many Sequins, Karen fra Curvy Canadian og så mig. I denne måned har vi valgt temaet "Celebrity Style". Vi skulle altså vælge en kendis, eller fortolke temaet. Jeg har altid elsket Olsen-tvillingerne og deres hobo-chic-stil, så jeg satte mig for, at kopiere et par af deres outfits, men selvfølgelig gøre det lidt mere plus-size venligt. Jeg lader mig gerne inspirere af kendte, men ellers kopierer jeg sjældent et helt outfit eller en bestemt stil. Jeg henter inspiration mange steder fra og ofte ender mine outfits som en blanding mellem alle mine daglige indtryk. Og derudover klæder jeg mig altid efter humør. Men jeg synes faktisk at jeg er fint kompatibel med tvillingernes stil, da jeg elsker at klæde mig casualt til hverdag og bare kunne smide noget på om morgenen, men til fest gøre lidt mere ud af det. Tilsat røde læber og lækkert hår, kan det alligevel aldrig gå helt galt. Jeg har også leget lidt med Asos Fashionfinder, hvor jeg har lavet nogle collager som inspiration til, hvordan I selv kunne skabe look'et. Jeg håber at I kan lide dette indlæg, jeg havde det i hvert fald sjovt da jeg tog billederne og følte lidt, at jeg legede "klæde-ud". Husk også at kigge forbi de andre skønne damer!

It's time for another three take, except that now or little group has grown to six! Please welcome Jessica from Chic in every City, Yoli from Diva in deep thought and Sarah from Queen sized flava made in Montreal, who will be joining Jess from Too many Sequins, Karen from Curvy Canadian and I in this six take from now on. This months theme is "Celebrity Style", meaning we each picked a celeb or interpreted the theme. I've always loved the Olsen twins and their hobo-chic style, so I decided to try and copy some of their outfits, but obviously making them a bit more plus-size friendly. I'm always inspired by celebrity style, but very rarely copy an entire outfit or style. I get my inspiration from many different places and my outfits are often a mix between my inputs and experiences on a daily basis. Also, I always dress according to my mood! But I actually think I'm quite compatible with the twins' style, as I like dressing casual and just throwing something together in the mornings, but love dressing up for going out. You can also never go wrong with great hair and red lips! I've been playing with Asos Fashionfinder, where I've done some collages as an inspiration to how you could re-create the look yourself. I hope you like this post, I sure had fun taking the pics and playing dress-up! Make sure to check out the other fab ladies mentioned above!

Mary-Kate Olsen
MK er vist den lidt mere edgy af tvillingerne. Hun leger altid med sin stil og er god til at bruge lidt specielle accessories. Ligesom sin søster elsker hun kæmpestore solbriller, langt bølget hår, smokey eyes og rød læbestift. Da de er så små går de også begge i tårnhøje hæle meget af tiden. For at få det lidt rodede, tilfældige hår, anbefaler jeg en saltvandsspray og fletninger over natten. Hvis man ikke er ligeså doven som jeg, kan et krøllejern også gøre det. Sørg for at tvære dine smokey eyes godt ud, så det ikke ser for perfekt ud!

MK seems to be the edgy one of the twins, always playing with her style and adding quirky accessories to her outfits. Like Ashley, she loves huge shades, long luscious hair, smokey eyes and red lipstick. Being tiny also often means sky high heels! To get that devil-may-care hair, I recommend a salt water spray and braiding your hair over night. A curling iron will also do, if you're not as lazy as me. Make sure to smudge the smokey eyes real good, so they don't seem too polished!

- in all fairness, if I were going out in this outfit, I'd probably put on a pair of tights or capri leggings.

Dress: Evans
Wedges and rings: Asos
Thin bangles: H&M
Earrings, bag and big bangle: unknown

Blazer: Carmakoma
Shirt: Zizzi
Trousers: Carmakoma
Wedges: Føtex (local shop)
Bangle and big ring: H&M
Band rings: Marc Jacobs

Ashley Olsen
Ashley er lidt mere piget end MK, selvom det billede jeg har valgt af hende er ret rock'et. Hun er hamrende god til oversize tasker og det skaber en fed kontrast, da hun er så lille. Hun har desuden ofte smukt opsat hår og har, ligesom MK, et godt øje for detaljer. 

Ashley is more of a girly-girl than MK, even though the outfit I chose is quite rock'n'roll inspired. She does oversize bags like no one else, and being tiny it adds a huge contrast, which I think is pretty cool. She does up-do's very well and like MK has a great sense for details.

Tee: H&M BiB
Shorts: ZJ (Zizzi Jeans)
Belt, shades and bag: unknown
Shoes: Converse All Stars
Headwrap: H&M
Leather bracelet: monki
Rings: Asos and Glitter


  1. Oh I love your interpretation!!! Perfection!!

  2. Wow, the post looks great!!! I especially live the first look with the sequin dress. You have such good legs! Is that dress recent from Evans? I want one! http://curvycanadian.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks Karen. It's my fave, too! But I wanted to do several different styles, to reflect the variety in the twins' style. I'm sorry to report, that the dress is from the winter collection 2009. But I'm sure there'll be sequin dresses out again in time for xmas :)

  4. Oh Rikke you look great! ....I say that like Im shocked or something! You Always look amazeballs!

    I have a sequin dress like this, its the purple one from the Beth Ditto collection - it has a V back!

    Great Take Rikke!

  5. Rikke, smuk som altid, og virkelig inspirerende! Synes det er et virkeligt imponerende indlæg, meget mode-magasin agtigt, det ser man jo tit i Woman og Sirene :D

    BTW så ELSKER jeg dit nye røde hår, det er virkelig smukt, smukt til dig - du er en rødglødende Redhead!

    - Maj :D

  6. Hvor fedt sammensat ! Og den kjole er bare så super til dig!

  7. I love all 3 of these outfits so much! I think my favorite is the mary-kate karmacoma blazer look. It's so refreshing to see curvy women rocking the over-sized look WELL! You definitely pulled it off, girl!!

    And, Rikke, you have AMAZING legs!!

    xx Jessica

  8. Tina/beautyandbigJuly 5, 2011 at 9:41 PM

    Du har satme nogle laekre staenger Rikke /smil

  9. first of all: it's amazing that you have a bilingual blog! i am so impressed!!

    and you channeled MK's style so well here. i esp love the sequined dress. you have legs for days! so gorgeous!

    definitely following :)

    sarah rose

  10. Now that is Olsen Style! Great Post!
    I am a new follower!


  11. Thank you, thank you everyone!!! I swear to God, I don't see these legs in the mirror. Maybe I should start taking a closer look. Nude/pink/beige heels and wedges also have their effect! I had fun doing this, so I'm happy you all like it!

  12. Rikke, you have killer legs in that bling dress. I would never dare to go
    bare and short, hehehe. If you got them flaunt them, right?

  13. Love your blog. Found you through Too Many Sequins. Your blog inspires me.

    Here is mine:

    It's a work in progress but I am really getting into the blogging groove.

    PS: Your legs are to die for!!

  14. @Nefferth: Thank you! Yes, you gotta highlight your best features :)

    @Nikol: Thanks sweetie! I'm glad to hear that I inspire you :) Good job on your blog! x

  15. I rather have your uniqueness to any celeb.
    I love you in the first outfit.

  16. Hold nu kæft for fanden. Så gode stænger kan man bare overhovedet ikke HA' som plus size.

    *Tørrer selv min store brune næse*


  17. Haha! Tak skal du ha', B. Nogle gange forstår jeg det sgu heller ikke selv ;)

  18. Your adaptation of miss Mary Kate's style is perfect and I love what you suggest! Do you mind if I copy your looks? :) I love hoe the Olsens are always sporting flowy outfits and huge accessories, like her mirrored aviator sunglasses !

  19. Thanks Samantha! I don't mind, as long as you mention where you got the pics and/or inspiration from ;) Make sure to send me your link! x

  20. Du har før givet udtryk for du ikke bryder dig om at flashe ben og arme.
    Men hey, de ben på det første outfit, flash dem noget mere, de er jo alt for lækre!!


  21. I find that these looks get(fit) better to you that to ashley

  22. @Stine: Det er rigtigt! Men jeg har arbejdet/arbejder meget med det, så det efterhånden bare bliver en vane. Så tusind tak for din kommentar og komplimentet, det er virkelig med til at styrke min selvtillid omkring det :)

    @Miss Mary: Thank you!!!

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE that blazer!! Those twins have nothing on you. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FIERCE!!
    Im sooo glad I discovered your blog!!!! Now following! Follow back?