Sep 24, 2011

The words she knows, the tune she hums

 I felt all 70's chic and a little bit nostalgic today

 Batwing top: Zizzi
Jeans: ZJ (Zizzi Jeans)
Boots: Bianco
Head wrap: Asos
Necklace: H&M
Bag: from South Africa
Lipstick: Lord & Berry "Mandarino"

Jeg har mine forældre på besøg i weekenden og i dag, mens far borede og satte ting op i min lejlighed, tog min mor og jeg ud for at shoppe. Hun skulle bruge noget nyt tøj til en konference i næste uge, så vi smuttede forbi min butik og fandt en masse lækkert til hende. Her til aften har vi spist god mad og ligger nu alle på langs i min seng/sofa og ser tv. Superhyggeligt! Og jeg er blevet megaforkælet selvfølgelig. Selvom man er 27 år, kan det altså stadig være rart at blive nusset om. Dagens outfit var lidt nostalgisk og 70'er-inspireret og i nogle af sæsonens lækre farver: rust og blå. 

Hvis I følger mig på facebook, så har I muligvis set, at jeg er blevet skribent for onlinemagasinet Plus Living, hvor jeg skal skrive modesektionen. Foreløbig har vi aftalt at jeg starter med ét indlæg om måneden, men hvis jeg får tid og overskud, kan det være at det bliver til mere. Jeg håber at I vil kigge forbi. Hav en dejlig weekend!

My parents are visiting me this weekend and while my dad was hanging up pictures in appartment, mom and I went shopping. She needed some new clothes for a conference next week, so we stopped by my store and found a lot of nice things for her! This evening we had a wonderful dinner and right now we're all lying in my bed/couch watching tv. Of course I've been spoiled rotten, too. Even though I'm 27, it's nice to feel like a kid now and then. Today's outfit was a bit nostalgic and 70's inspired, in some of the hottest colours this fall: rust and blue.

If you're a follower on facebook, you may have seen that I've begun writing for an online magazine called Plus Living, where I'll be in charge of the fashion section. So far it's only once a month, but if all goes well and I have time for it, I'll post more often. Unfortunately it's in danish, but stop by every now and then and have a look. Google translate isn't all that bad (O.K, who am I kidding...). Have a great weekend!


  1. You look amazing! I love the head band on you, so gorgeous! Congratulations on the Plus Living job :)

  2. Thanks so much sweetie! Jeez you're fast, LOL.

  3. Hey!

    Looks great, love the shirt and the bag!

    We wanna see the clothes your mom bought at the store, and her in'em! :-P

  4. Every time I read a post of yours I want to go to Denmark to a Zizzi store. We have on in the Faroe Islands (Færøerne) but it sucks ass in clothes selections and the price is sky high in comprising too what I am used to paying in Denmark. But you look super cute as always! And I am loving the bright blue on you!

  5. Cool outfit and it really does have a '70's style to it. You'd fit right into that era. :)

  6. hey! you're wonderful,as always! i like your blog! kisses!


  7. Oh, super cute Bianco boots! I had never actually tried their boots, as I usually have trouble fitting my calves in them...
    Is it possible you can measure them and tell me what the circumference is? I believe my calves are 44 cm or so.

  8. @Jannie: Bagetto- is that you? I'm sure mom will show you what she bought ;)

    @MissDiscoBall: Thanks babe. Come visit my store! :D

    @Kimberly: Thank you so much! I would have loved to live in the 70's!

    @Emilie: Thank you doll!!!

    @Kity: Unfortunately I don't have a measuring tape... my calves are not that wide, but I often have trouble finding high legged boots, too. I think it's just about trying every pair you come across :)

  9. Ok, guess I'll have to just keep trying boots on and see what I find :)

  10. oohh lovely! What a fab outfit, it definitely has that 70's feel to it. Loving your blog!!! Absolutely a follower! :)

  11. I am so glad for you.
    ou look gorgeous in copper orange.

  12. Congrats on the magazine gig! I'm looking forward to reading your 'No H8' post. :)

    Adrienne from

  13. WOW! I love the head wrap. You look so elegant and I love the color combo of rust and blue. Gorgeous!!!

    sarah rose

  14. Thanks Kim! And thanks for following :)

  15. And I just realised I didn't answer a lot of other comments on this post, oh no! Thank you so much everyone :D