Dec 19, 2013

Carmakoma SS14 Sneak Peek

Photo Credit: Carmakoma // Lars Wahl

Carmakoma har sendt mig deres lookbook til forår-/sommerkollektionen 2014, og I skal ikke snydes for et smugkig. Det var den kollektion der blev vist til deres Garden Party i august, og som jeg allerede talte om dengang, så er den virkelig lækker. Kollektionen er som sædvanlig stærk i sit udtryk, men har flere farver end hvad vi tidligere har set. I kan gense indlægget fra showet her. Jeg glæder mig enormt meget til at kollektionen begynder at komme på shoppen i januar, og der er flere ting jeg får svært ved at leve uden! Læs nedenunder, hvad Carmakoma selv siger om kollektionen:


Carmakoma has sent me their lookbook for Spring/Summer 2014, and I thought you might like a sneak peek at it. This is the collection that was featured in their Garden Party in August, and as I said back then, it's really nice. The collection is as usual very strong, but it has a lot more colours than we've seen before. You can find the post from the show here. I'm really excited for the collection to hit the shop from January, and there are several pieces I'll have a hard time living without! Read below, what Carmakoma has to say about the new collection:

is a celebration of women’s endless source of inspiration - each other. Expressions create impressions that in return manifest themselves in new expressions. New looks and trends fascinate and tell new stories that are adapted to the individual mood and personality. Unique stories develop before our eyes. I picture you | you picture me arise from the inspiring jungle of unique stories in the urban environment - told through individual looks. No tradition, no inhibitions. Just look like you - BE YOU.

I picture you | you picture me is the result of Carmakoma’s experimental play with a mysterious and horrific grunge universe similar to the one of Hitchcock. The brutally honest and sincere presentation of the collection character provides interesting contrasts to the futuristic sci-fi plastic looks and an angelic innocence reflected in the new white and bright styles. As a grunge angel she is angel at day and demon at night.

- Weiss and Lykke

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